Spitzers Corner friesJava Girl MacarOn Cafe smallAndrea mouth openBilly's Bakery cupcake in Madison Square ParkLily LisbonDeep-FriedJenna the fish CristoA+ Pad ThaiJason Rockefeller CenterNicole at SounioView of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge 7.3.09Torrisi sandwich rainbow cookiesClare Dia BeaconGreg and me Greek SaladTODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and to celebrate the first day of my 26th year, I am sharing a photomontage of my favorite things in the world. Some of these, of course, are food – I made a whole Sweet & Salty Cake by Baked last night! – but many are friends who liked me even before I made funny snack videos. After all, what’s the point of mealtime if not for the people who we share it with?

Digging through old photos makes me so happy. That, and making Stupidly Simple Snacks, of course. My next one will be with celebrated pastry chef Pichet Ong, who I recently helped to launch a blog: Confessions of a Sugarholic!

Due to new work projects for the likes of Midtown Lunch, VendrTV, photographer Chia Messina and other excellent people/compaJackie wrinkle in nosenies, I haven’t had the chance to update Amy Blogs Chow as often as I’d like. While I realize you guys are super understanding, I want to thank you for returning each time I resurface. We don’t see each other often so I cherish every time that we do. I hope to meet many more of you this year and to see some old best friends again. Tall order? Perhaps. But they wouldn’t call it a birthday wish if it didn’t come true! amy march 22, 2010

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Brooklyn Cooks Make CRISPY KALE

TWO WEEKS AGO, I MET EMILY BEEBE of The Wooden Spoonful at a networking event in Williamsburg. Now that I’ve carved a small snack-shaped video nook in the web world (and therefore have a shtick to stand behind) it was time to make new friends and colleagues in my home borough.

I arrived at the networking scene behind Emily and her husband. Introductions were made and I learned Emily led cooking classes in her sun-filled Park Slope home. As I often do, I gushed about Twitter and recommended she use the platform to connect with food-minded folk to help grow her new business. I don’t think Emily was entirely convinced, but she seemed to respect that I avidly tweet about chow though I can’t cook it. Cards were exchanged; Twitter followers gained. Fourteen days later I present to you our Stupidly Simple Snacks video: CRISPY KALE CHIPS – a light, crackly snack that exemplifies my new friend’s simple, sustainable cooking ethos.

Though I was completely worn out by the end of that Brooklyn networking night, I’m thrilled I went. I knew someone would talk to me about food. amy march 15, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED kale | olive oil | salt (kosher was used in this video, but I bet unkosher would not kill the kale) | 3 minutes to prep | about 10 minutes in oven

MUSIC Andrew Bird Fitz and the Dizzyspells

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