I’VE NEVER BEEN GOOD AT SAYING GOODBYE and, once, I even left a magazine internship without letting most of the staff know it was my last day. Well, I wasn’t very close with them, admittedly, so to save my acquaintances from having to feign interest in what I’d be doing next, I didn’t announce my leaving. Did they really care that I was moving to London for six months to find my life calling? Probably not. Besides, within a month of my leaving, the magazine shut down, anyway. These people had bigger fish to fry.

A few years have passed since then and, with age, I’ve become slightly less neurotic about farewells. I say them, for one. But while I don’t like goodbyes, I’ve always embraced change. Guess I just don’t like telling people about it. But here we are and I’m nearly twenty-seven. If I can’t tell you now that I’m combining my WordPress and Tumblr blogs, then there’s a chance I never will.

But, there. I said it. I’m moving to Tumblr and I will show you soon why I’m doing this. You don’t have to update your bookmarks as this site will automatically redirect to the new one. I thought I’d give you a heads-up anyway, because leaving home is hard and I just want you to know: It’s gonna be even better in the new place, I promise, especially after we decorate! amy • january 29, 2010
Photo: View out of my living room window earlier this week during the snowstorm.

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