Brooklyn Cooks Make CRISPY KALE

TWO WEEKS AGO, I MET EMILY BEEBE of The Wooden Spoonful at a networking event in Williamsburg. Now that I’ve carved a small snack-shaped video nook in the web world (and therefore have a shtick to stand behind) it was time to make new friends and colleagues in my home borough.

I arrived at the networking scene behind Emily and her husband. Introductions were made and I learned Emily led cooking classes in her sun-filled Park Slope home. As I often do, I gushed about Twitter and recommended she use the platform to connect with food-minded folk to help grow her new business. I don’t think Emily was entirely convinced, but she seemed to respect that I avidly tweet about chow though I can’t cook it. Cards were exchanged; Twitter followers gained. Fourteen days later I present to you our Stupidly Simple Snacks video: CRISPY KALE CHIPS – a light, crackly snack that exemplifies my new friend’s simple, sustainable cooking ethos.

Though I was completely worn out by the end of that Brooklyn networking night, I’m thrilled I went. I knew someone would talk to me about food. amy march 15, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED kale | olive oil | salt (kosher was used in this video, but I bet unkosher would not kill the kale) | 3 minutes to prep | about 10 minutes in oven

MUSIC Andrew Bird Fitz and the Dizzyspells


March 15, 2010. Brooklyn, Park Slope, Stupidly Simple Snacks, videos.


  1. Kitchen Monki Dan replied:

    Doh! I knew I did something wrong, I didn’t let the kale dry completely. Soggy kale chips aside, they tasted pretty good!

  2. Sarah replied:

    Aw!! I love when “networking” results in meeting nice people. Excited to find out more about The Wooden Spoonful (love the name). Also, crispy kale – amazing! Keep it up, Amy! Miss ya.

  3. Joy replied:

    AAAH this looks delicious — so many people have raved about krispy kale chips that I think I will have to whip up a batch of my own soon. I love the videos, keep up the good work Amy!!

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