I’VE NEVER BEEN GOOD AT SAYING GOODBYE and, once, I even left a magazine internship without letting most of the staff know it was my last day. Well, I wasn’t very close with them, admittedly, so to save my acquaintances from having to feign interest in what I’d be doing next, I didn’t announce my leaving. Did they really care that I was moving to London for six months to find my life calling? Probably not. Besides, within a month of my leaving, the magazine shut down, anyway. These people had bigger fish to fry.

A few years have passed since then and, with age, I’ve become slightly less neurotic about farewells. I say them, for one. But while I don’t like goodbyes, I’ve always embraced change. Guess I just don’t like telling people about it. But here we are and I’m nearly twenty-seven. If I can’t tell you now that I’m combining my WordPress and Tumblr blogs, then there’s a chance I never will.

But, there. I said it. I’m moving to Tumblr and I will show you soon why I’m doing this. You don’t have to update your bookmarks as this site will automatically redirect to the new one. I thought I’d give you a heads-up anyway, because leaving home is hard and I just want you to know: It’s gonna be even better in the new place, I promise, especially after we decorate! amy • january 29, 2010
Photo: View out of my living room window earlier this week during the snowstorm.

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  1. ChantaleP replied:

    Aren’t I already following your tumblr? I think ppl *would* care what you do after you leave Amy.. you would be surprised. I on the other hand, like to say goodbye and split.. no need to hang around for things to get awkward. lol. Can’t wait to see the newly spiced up digs!

  2. Amy replied:

    @Chantale Hello again! Yup, I think you’re already following my Tumblr, which is excellent 🙂 It just became too much trying to maintain two blogs, feeling like I had two identities when, really, there’s just one me! You’re right, it was just that one time when I did not feel close to the staff, so didn’t think I’d make a big deal about my last day. Thanks always for your love, Chantale xoxo

  3. Tom House replied:

    Hi Amy… why you breaking up with WP?

    Have you seen the all new http://www.dinnerreviews.com yet? After many months and $$ it has been launched!

    I just added your 5-Star Food Blog Award story to my site from my previous site…will I have to change links within that story once you move?

    Here is the link if you want to see it: http://dinnerreviews.com/?p=1768

    Good luck whatever your plans..I am sure you will do well as always,


    Tom House

  4. Amy replied:

    Hello Tom, you do NOT have to update your links. AmyBlogsChow.com will automatically redirect to Tumblr. Thanks for checking 🙂

  5. Justin Cambria replied:

    Good choice Amy, I have felt, having used both, that Tumblr is a simpler and easier publishing tool than WP for anyone with basic blogging needs, and the only real advantage to WP is if you have a complex site that needs scalability. Plus with tumblr, you get the advantage of the community, which is a growing and important one on the ‘nets. Bravo!

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