The Only Thing Better Than A Warm Pumpkin Scone

Alice's Tea Cup pumpkin scone with cream and jam…is to have someone to share it with. What would a food blog be without readers who also love to eat? That said, thank you for following, for reading, for watching. Who knows where the road will go? Not me. But wherever it ends, I hope there’s a table laden with all our favorite foods surrounded by friends and family. Happy New Year, Everybody ♥ amy • december 31, 2010

Photo taken at Alice’s Tea Cup, 156 East 64th Street, NYC. (212) 486-9200

December 31, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Holiday, random.


  1. ChantaleP replied:

    Have a delicious, warm and Happy New Year’s eve.. Continued success in the New Year Amy! I can’t wait to continue to read and watch all about your foodie adventures! Hugs and kisses from Montréal.

  2. Laura replied:

    Is it sad that I saw the picture and immediately thought
    “isn’t that Alice’s Tea Cup’s scone?” I think I may have been there
    a bit too much. Happy New Year!

    • Amy replied:

      Laura, that’s not sad. You recognized a good thing when you saw it. I think that’s great! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Cookie and Kate replied:

    I want that scone. Like right now. It’s terribly unfortunate that I’m thousands of miles away from NYC!

    Happy 2011, Amy! Wishing you the best year yet.

  4. Amy replied:

    Happy New Year, Kate! Love seeing your avatar every time – your happy face lights up my day! When you’re in Manhattan next, we’ll go to Alice’s Tea Cup. How about that?

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