HOT CHEESY POTATO from yo microwave • YOUTUBE

IT’S THANKSGIVING WEEK and if there’s a theme for Thanksgiving week, it’s that no meal is stupidly simple. To offer some respite from the turkey, stuffing, and pie hoo-ha, I nuke a potato in the latest episode of Stupidly Simple Snacks (should you be hungry and short on time during the other 51 weeks in the year, of course). It’s common knowledge that the baked potato is a versatile meal (think of the toppings! sour cream & chives, cheese, butter, bacon bits…) but I didn’t realize it would be so filling. I split the cheesy tater with Jason and called it dinner for two. Well, he later cleaned off a plate of chocolate cookies, but I still felt quite sated the next morning.

Without further ado, I present – potato! Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

WHAT YOU NEED microwave | potato | sharp object to pierce potato | topping of your choice | 5 minutes on high power in microwave, 5 minutes to stand in microwave.

MUSIC The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

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BAKING PUMPKIN WHOOPIE PIE proved more trouble than it was worth, so I re-embraced my rule of KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple) and made a pumpkin pie ice cream shake instead. In this video, I give up trying to be something I’m not – an expert kitchen navigator – and resume the role of Amy “Can’t Cook” Cao. I managed the pumpkin part just fine and even crushed graham crackers to bits. Next time, however, I might use less milk and more ice cream. Let me know what you think in the comment box below!

WHAT YOU NEED: blender | pumpkin puree | vanilla ice cream | milk | vanilla | ground cinnamon | ground nutmeg | ground cloves | graham crackers, crushed (optional) | cinnamon stick (also optional) | 2 minutes for prep & 5 seconds to blend

MUSIC: Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight

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Pizza Bruschetta on YOUTUBE

IN THE THIRD EPISODE of Stupidly Simple Snacks, I make pizza – on bread! It took a bit longer to edit this one, but I think the message comes through: cut bread, add sauce, add cheese, bake. I hope you guys like this one as I had to veto Jason’s veto on the basis that it was not “stupidly simple” enough. I think shoving three ingredients in an oven is easy as pie… agree or disagree? As always, feedback of all kinds and lengths are appreciated!

P.S. For those who are bound to yell over my pronunciation of bruschetta: Alton Brown says both pronunciations are A-OK. (Clip found by @Gordoneats, who is awesome.)

WHAT YOU NEED: 400 °F | Italian roll | pizza or marinara sauce | mozzarella cheese | pepperoni (optional) | 2 min. for prep and 8 min. to bake

MUSIC: Q-Tip vs. Hanson – Breathe and Stop (remixed by PopChop)

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20 Second S’mores on YOUTUBE

IN THE SECOND EPISODE of Stupidly Simple Snacks, I demonstrate how to make a favorite outdoor treat INDOORS. I was floored by the feedback on the first banana shake episode. Thank you so much for your excitement and for coming back! Let me know what you think of the latest clip. Snack suggestions and constructive criticism are heartily welcomed, unless it’s “You look really Asian…” (Thanks, Nicole!) in which case there’s not much I can do.

UPDATE: The lovely Athena Chang suggests using dark chocolate instead of Hershey’s. Haven’t tested the recommendation yet but it sounds kinda brilliant.

WHAT YOU NEED: microwave | graham crackers | chocolate bar | marshmallows | about 30 seconds for prep & “cooking”

MUSIC: Smile Version Revisited (Mark Ronson Remix) by Lily Allen

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Amy Blogs Chow Launches on YOUTUBE

IN THE FIRST EPISODE of Amy Blogs Chow: The Video Blog Version, I reenact banana shake-making with (not so) great success. In happier news – I taught myself iMovie in a day! Now, what to make next? Please leave suggestions in the comments box below and thanks for joining me on my first filmed foray into the kitchen!

WHAT YOU NEED: bananas | milk | ground cinnamon | blender | 2 minutes

MUSIC: “File Me Away” Badly Drawn Boy | “What A Little Moonlight Can Do” Billie Holiday

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