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IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE and I’m flying back to New York today. It’s always hard to believe how quickly holidays and whole years pass us by. Like many of you, I’ve been revisiting and assessing what I’ve been finding down Memory Lane ’09: A+ for Amy Blogs Chow; big fat F for Full-Time Writing and the list goes on… Certainly, I have much to reflect on (last ten days with Jason included). But in true Amy fashion, I have yet to pack so should sign off to do that now…

In the next three hours, I’ll tie up loose ends, consolidate things I’ve accumulated, say thank you, and goodbye to my wonderful hosts. I’m not looking forward to the journey back to Manhattan in the middle of New Year’s Eve festivities, but trudging through the cold and crowds to get home – Home! in New York City! – seems like a good goal for the final day of the year. Before I go, here’s one last Stupidly Simple Snacks video to wrap up 2009. I made FRITO PIE, a popular dish in the South that combines chili and cheese with corn chips. It reminds me of movie theater snacks on steroids, but the bowl of hot, crunchy goodness actually made for a satisfying lunch. You’ll have to eat it to believe it, I suppose. Here’s hoping for more eating and believing in 2010. Happy New Year! amy december 31, 2009

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WHAT YOU NEED 2 cups Fritos | chili | cheddar cheese | microwave-safe bowl | microwave | 2 minutes

MUSIC Belle & Sebastian For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea

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DEEP FRIED in Texan Hill Country

JASON AND I FLEW TO SAN ANTONIO on Tuesday to be with his family for the holidays. It’s Friday – Christmas Day – and I’ve survived all things fried and cheesy so far, including Texan queso at their Christmas Eve gathering and a deep-fried turkey today. The twelve-pound bird was lowered into a bubbling pot of peanut oil under the Texan sun and allowed to sit for 35 minutes. It emerged with crackly paper-thin skin and meat that dripped with juice. If I had the space and propane gas in New York City to deep-fry my own, I wouldn’t prepare turkey any other way. Not that I make turkey, but if I did I’d drop it in a vat of fat too. (Pictures below of bird before and after its oily bath.)

If you asked me in 2008 where I’d be spending my next Christmas, I would never guess it would be here. But I suppose that’s just the way life goes. Here’s to more adventures and memorable meals in the new year. Merry Christmas! amy december 25, 2009

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