BOOZY CARAMEL SAUCE with Kumquat Cupcakery

THOUGH WE MAY BE HALFWAY THROUGH JANUARY, I continue to wish friends a happy new year. Sometimes we need the reminder, I think, way beyond the first week. To help ease you into the next 350 days – or at least through winter – I joined forces with Keavy Landreth, the heart and brain behind Kumquat Cupcakery, in my first Stupidly Simple Snacks video of 2010! You may recall how I gushed about meeting Keavy at the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment and then, of course, there was more enamored emoting on “Kumquat Cupcake Wednesday“. We got together earlier this week to make caramel sauce with a shot (or two) of whiskey to liven cupcakes, ice cream, and tart, green apple – not the worst way to start the year. amy january 15, 2010

WHAT YOU NEED 3/4 cup heavy cream | 3 tbsp unsalted butter | 1 cup granulated sugar | 1/4 cup water | bourbon (but whiskey will do just fine if you forget to buy bourbon) | 8 minutes to cook | 2 hours to cool

OPTIONAL apples, ice cream, mini cupcakes

MUSIC Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks

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Goodbye & FRITO PIE • YouTube

IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE and I’m flying back to New York today. It’s always hard to believe how quickly holidays and whole years pass us by. Like many of you, I’ve been revisiting and assessing what I’ve been finding down Memory Lane ’09: A+ for Amy Blogs Chow; big fat F for Full-Time Writing and the list goes on… Certainly, I have much to reflect on (last ten days with Jason included). But in true Amy fashion, I have yet to pack so should sign off to do that now…

In the next three hours, I’ll tie up loose ends, consolidate things I’ve accumulated, say thank you, and goodbye to my wonderful hosts. I’m not looking forward to the journey back to Manhattan in the middle of New Year’s Eve festivities, but trudging through the cold and crowds to get home – Home! in New York City! – seems like a good goal for the final day of the year. Before I go, here’s one last Stupidly Simple Snacks video to wrap up 2009. I made FRITO PIE, a popular dish in the South that combines chili and cheese with corn chips. It reminds me of movie theater snacks on steroids, but the bowl of hot, crunchy goodness actually made for a satisfying lunch. You’ll have to eat it to believe it, I suppose. Here’s hoping for more eating and believing in 2010. Happy New Year! amy december 31, 2009

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WHAT YOU NEED 2 cups Fritos | chili | cheddar cheese | microwave-safe bowl | microwave | 2 minutes

MUSIC Belle & Sebastian For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea

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AS A WRITER WHO IS EASILY DISTRACTED, I find relief and words in the middle of the night when my distractions are asleep. To fuel my all-nighters, I pop candied cashews as I type between 12 and 4 a.m. Here is my holiday gift to those who crave these sweet, salty and nutty nibbles anytime in the day and throughout the year. As a Christmas bonus, I also show you how to prepare a “fancy” pear and goat cheese salad with the sugarcoated snack! THANK YOU for following my food blogging adventure this year. Here’s to sharing more in 2010! With Love From Texas, amy december 24, 2009

WHAT YOU NEED roasted, unsalted cashews | unsalted butter | brown sugar | salt | mixed greens | pear | goat cheese | stove | skillet | baking sheet (or other nonstick surface) | 5 minutes

MUSIC Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson Relator

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PLAIN OL’ HOT CHOCOLATE gets a spicy kick in the ass on the latest Stupidly Simple Snacks. This rich chocolate beverage means business and a million delicious calories. The calorie count hasn’t been officially verified but the delicious part has. Trust me, Jacques Torres would be proud.

Also, Jason suggests adding a dash of vanilla extract for even more deliciousness.

WHAT YOU NEED: stove | small pot | 4 oz. dark chocolate | 2 oz. milk chocolate | milk | cayenne pepper | cinnamon | 2 min. for prep and 4 min. for melting/heating

MUSIC: ADELE – Right As Rain

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Pizza Bruschetta on YOUTUBE

IN THE THIRD EPISODE of Stupidly Simple Snacks, I make pizza – on bread! It took a bit longer to edit this one, but I think the message comes through: cut bread, add sauce, add cheese, bake. I hope you guys like this one as I had to veto Jason’s veto on the basis that it was not “stupidly simple” enough. I think shoving three ingredients in an oven is easy as pie… agree or disagree? As always, feedback of all kinds and lengths are appreciated!

P.S. For those who are bound to yell over my pronunciation of bruschetta: Alton Brown says both pronunciations are A-OK. (Clip found by @Gordoneats, who is awesome.)

WHAT YOU NEED: 400 °F | Italian roll | pizza or marinara sauce | mozzarella cheese | pepperoni (optional) | 2 min. for prep and 8 min. to bake

MUSIC: Q-Tip vs. Hanson – Breathe and Stop (remixed by PopChop)

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20 Second S’mores on YOUTUBE

IN THE SECOND EPISODE of Stupidly Simple Snacks, I demonstrate how to make a favorite outdoor treat INDOORS. I was floored by the feedback on the first banana shake episode. Thank you so much for your excitement and for coming back! Let me know what you think of the latest clip. Snack suggestions and constructive criticism are heartily welcomed, unless it’s “You look really Asian…” (Thanks, Nicole!) in which case there’s not much I can do.

UPDATE: The lovely Athena Chang suggests using dark chocolate instead of Hershey’s. Haven’t tested the recommendation yet but it sounds kinda brilliant.

WHAT YOU NEED: microwave | graham crackers | chocolate bar | marshmallows | about 30 seconds for prep & “cooking”

MUSIC: Smile Version Revisited (Mark Ronson Remix) by Lily Allen

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Amy Blogs Chow Launches on YOUTUBE

IN THE FIRST EPISODE of Amy Blogs Chow: The Video Blog Version, I reenact banana shake-making with (not so) great success. In happier news – I taught myself iMovie in a day! Now, what to make next? Please leave suggestions in the comments box below and thanks for joining me on my first filmed foray into the kitchen!

WHAT YOU NEED: bananas | milk | ground cinnamon | blender | 2 minutes

MUSIC: “File Me Away” Badly Drawn Boy | “What A Little Moonlight Can Do” Billie Holiday

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