DBGB • A WIENER IN DISGUISE is still a wiener

DBGB dog 11.09DBGB299 Bowery, New York City, 212 933 5300

“So I copied-and-pasted the generic online dating profile from AskMen.com and used it as my own,” said Chris. I looked at my old Boston University friend and scanned his face for a blink, an apologetic wince, a “Just kidding!” But Chris was just being himself, which meant he was vying for dates by not being himself.

• • •

Every now and then I crave hot dogs. This usually occurs during the summer, somewhere in Central Park downwind from a strategically placed food cart.

I didn’t crave the DBGB hot dog yesterday, but I ordered it anyway; I was curious to see how Daniel Boulud would dress up a wiener.

The dish did not disappoint. For $7, you get a homemade beef frankfurter on a toasted bun topped with sauteed onions, a tangle of greens drizzled in mustard and their signature “299” relish.

It was a satisfying 3PM snack, as was the hazelnut chocolate cake that Chris and I ordered afterward. I asked for coffee too, but the request was forgotten in light of the hour – or as the bartender explained, “It’s staff meal right now. Sometimes orders fall through the cracks.” Really?

So I listened to Chris, who confirmed he didn’t read the AskMen profile in its entirety before passing it off as his own. One of his dates asked, “How was your trip to Annapolis?” before he realized his profile mentioned a recent weekend in Annapolis.

• • •

I watched as the bartender diligently juiced a lemon half with a squeezer – the guy was clearly within earshot of my titillating conversation with Chris. He must think I’m a weirdo for associating with online dating profile thieves, I thought. Then I realized, no, the bartender won’t judge me for my taste in friends, but he probably thinks I’m a loser blogger for prodding my hot dog with a camera lens.

amy • november 20, 2009

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