STUPIDLY SIMPLE SNACKS IS BACK! After a two-month unintended hiatus from video awesomeness, I’m excited to say that Stupidly Simple Snacks will soon be a weekly feature of Amy Blogs Chow and on Hungry Nation, a network of web-based food shows created by Next New Networks, the leading independent producer of online television networks.

I can’t tell you what makes NNN the leading indie producer of online TV networks (it’s the only one I know, quite frankly) but I am pumped to join the ranks of Hungry Nation veterans and fellow food lovers Dan of VendrTV and Rebecca of Working Class Foodies! Also joining the network is Food Wishes, which is like the godfather of online cooking shows. Chef John is a pretty big deal in the food blogging world.

Stupidly Simple Snacks will launch on Hungry Nation at the end of July, so I’ll be making many more videos going forward. I already have some super silly stuff lined up, including a ceviche video I made with Jenna Meister, my BFF and cast member of Jet Set Zero: Quito, while I was in Ecuador last month. It’s going to be great! Now, without further ado, I present my first video from Quito, Ecuador – Stupidly Simple Snacks: Guacamole! amy july 13, 2010

WHAT YOU NEED 2 avocados | 1 tomato | 1 lemon | half onion | salt & pepper


MUSIC Darwin Deez Radar Detector

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AFTER HIDING FROM THE COLD THESE LAST FEW DAYS, it was hard to believe the sun and warmth would come back. But 80 degree days are on the horizon along with ice cream cones, rooftop parties, and outdoor events!

In my latest Stupidly Simple Snacks video, Deborah Smith of Green Pirate Juice Truck makes lemonade the Green Pirate way. To compensate for my lack of industrial juicer, I decided to give GP Lemonade a try at home so you can see the juice action both ways.

On Memorial Day (May 31st), Green Pirate and many of my favorite food vendors like Dessert Truck, Steve’s Key Lime Pie, and Robicelli’s Cupcakes will be parked at BKLYN Yard in Gowanus to celebrate the opening weekend of their summer outdoor event season. Wander in for free and truck-hop with me! amy april 30, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED 1 lemon | half or whole cucumber | 1 or 2 red apples (adding apple makes it sweet) | blender

MUSIC The Pop Heroes Say Hey (I Love You) (Made Famous by Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine Anderson)

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THOUGH WE’VE BEEN FACEBOOK FRIENDS FOR A WHILE, I didn’t meet pastry chef Pichet Ong until recently when I visited his new restaurant Village Tart during opening week in February. I was starstruck as I’d only read about Pichet in magazines – when I used to read magazines – and passively knew about his days via the Facebook newsfeed.

In my latest Stupidly Simple Snacks video, Pichet and I make parmesan popcorn and chocolate-covered corn flakes for the camera on my Macbook. It’s been a somewhat surreal experience collaborating with the mastermind of glitter-frosted cupcakes. Not only did we cook together on camera, we also just launched his blog, Confessions of a Sugarholic, and have big plans to further his education in social media. Last year, I was plotting to profile Pichet for a food article; 365 days later, he’s a guest star on Amy Blogs Chow, a small food blog by a girl outta Brooklyn. Anything is possible. amy april 1, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED Parmesan Popcorn 1 bag popcorn | 1/2 stick melted butter | 1/2 cup grated parmesan | salt & pepper Chocolate-Covered Corn Flakes 2 cups corn flakes | 1 cup dark chocolate | 2 tablespoons oil | salt

MUSIC Passion Pit Little Secrets

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Brooklyn Cooks Make CRISPY KALE

TWO WEEKS AGO, I MET EMILY BEEBE of The Wooden Spoonful at a networking event in Williamsburg. Now that I’ve carved a small snack-shaped video nook in the web world (and therefore have a shtick to stand behind) it was time to make new friends and colleagues in my home borough.

I arrived at the networking scene behind Emily and her husband. Introductions were made and I learned Emily led cooking classes in her sun-filled Park Slope home. As I often do, I gushed about Twitter and recommended she use the platform to connect with food-minded folk to help grow her new business. I don’t think Emily was entirely convinced, but she seemed to respect that I avidly tweet about chow though I can’t cook it. Cards were exchanged; Twitter followers gained. Fourteen days later I present to you our Stupidly Simple Snacks video: CRISPY KALE CHIPS – a light, crackly snack that exemplifies my new friend’s simple, sustainable cooking ethos.

Though I was completely worn out by the end of that Brooklyn networking night, I’m thrilled I went. I knew someone would talk to me about food. amy march 15, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED kale | olive oil | salt (kosher was used in this video, but I bet unkosher would not kill the kale) | 3 minutes to prep | about 10 minutes in oven

MUSIC Andrew Bird Fitz and the Dizzyspells

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Good Friends & GREEK SALAD

I RANG IN MY 21st BIRTHDAY IN ATHENS on a hospital bed. (I got in the way of a Greek driver so he fractured my pelvis with his car.) (more…)

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HAPPY FEBRUARY! I’m not one to indulge in wistful reminiscing, but it feels like just yesterday I spent seven nights in a row catching up on four seasons of Dexter. (more…)

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BOOZY CARAMEL SAUCE with Kumquat Cupcakery

THOUGH WE MAY BE HALFWAY THROUGH JANUARY, I continue to wish friends a happy new year. Sometimes we need the reminder, I think, way beyond the first week. To help ease you into the next 350 days – or at least through winter – I joined forces with Keavy Landreth, the heart and brain behind Kumquat Cupcakery, in my first Stupidly Simple Snacks video of 2010! You may recall how I gushed about meeting Keavy at the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment and then, of course, there was more enamored emoting on “Kumquat Cupcake Wednesday“. We got together earlier this week to make caramel sauce with a shot (or two) of whiskey to liven cupcakes, ice cream, and tart, green apple – not the worst way to start the year. amy january 15, 2010

WHAT YOU NEED 3/4 cup heavy cream | 3 tbsp unsalted butter | 1 cup granulated sugar | 1/4 cup water | bourbon (but whiskey will do just fine if you forget to buy bourbon) | 8 minutes to cook | 2 hours to cool

OPTIONAL apples, ice cream, mini cupcakes

MUSIC Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks

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Goodbye & FRITO PIE • YouTube

IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE and I’m flying back to New York today. It’s always hard to believe how quickly holidays and whole years pass us by. Like many of you, I’ve been revisiting and assessing what I’ve been finding down Memory Lane ’09: A+ for Amy Blogs Chow; big fat F for Full-Time Writing and the list goes on… Certainly, I have much to reflect on (last ten days with Jason included). But in true Amy fashion, I have yet to pack so should sign off to do that now…

In the next three hours, I’ll tie up loose ends, consolidate things I’ve accumulated, say thank you, and goodbye to my wonderful hosts. I’m not looking forward to the journey back to Manhattan in the middle of New Year’s Eve festivities, but trudging through the cold and crowds to get home – Home! in New York City! – seems like a good goal for the final day of the year. Before I go, here’s one last Stupidly Simple Snacks video to wrap up 2009. I made FRITO PIE, a popular dish in the South that combines chili and cheese with corn chips. It reminds me of movie theater snacks on steroids, but the bowl of hot, crunchy goodness actually made for a satisfying lunch. You’ll have to eat it to believe it, I suppose. Here’s hoping for more eating and believing in 2010. Happy New Year! amy december 31, 2009

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WHAT YOU NEED 2 cups Fritos | chili | cheddar cheese | microwave-safe bowl | microwave | 2 minutes

MUSIC Belle & Sebastian For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea

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AS A WRITER WHO IS EASILY DISTRACTED, I find relief and words in the middle of the night when my distractions are asleep. To fuel my all-nighters, I pop candied cashews as I type between 12 and 4 a.m. Here is my holiday gift to those who crave these sweet, salty and nutty nibbles anytime in the day and throughout the year. As a Christmas bonus, I also show you how to prepare a “fancy” pear and goat cheese salad with the sugarcoated snack! THANK YOU for following my food blogging adventure this year. Here’s to sharing more in 2010! With Love From Texas, amy december 24, 2009

WHAT YOU NEED roasted, unsalted cashews | unsalted butter | brown sugar | salt | mixed greens | pear | goat cheese | stove | skillet | baking sheet (or other nonstick surface) | 5 minutes

MUSIC Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson Relator

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HOT CHEESY POTATO from yo microwave • YOUTUBE

IT’S THANKSGIVING WEEK and if there’s a theme for Thanksgiving week, it’s that no meal is stupidly simple. To offer some respite from the turkey, stuffing, and pie hoo-ha, I nuke a potato in the latest episode of Stupidly Simple Snacks (should you be hungry and short on time during the other 51 weeks in the year, of course). It’s common knowledge that the baked potato is a versatile meal (think of the toppings! sour cream & chives, cheese, butter, bacon bits…) but I didn’t realize it would be so filling. I split the cheesy tater with Jason and called it dinner for two. Well, he later cleaned off a plate of chocolate cookies, but I still felt quite sated the next morning.

Without further ado, I present – potato! Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

WHAT YOU NEED microwave | potato | sharp object to pierce potato | topping of your choice | 5 minutes on high power in microwave, 5 minutes to stand in microwave.

MUSIC The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

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