SOMETIMES, STUPIDLY SIMPLE SNACKS ARE INSPIRED BY MY FRIENDS’ SUGGESTIONS. Other times, my talented guest stars share their secrets. Of course, then there are those snack recipes which are the product of pure guesswork. My deviled eggs recipe, however, was not one of them. By combining knowledge from three well-known personalities, I made DEVILED EGGS the Stupidly Simple Snacks way. Video instructions from Chef John of Food Wishes guided the hard-boiling process, Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Work Week showed in this video that there is, apparently, a way to peel eggs without peeling, and then there was Martha Stewart’s Creamy Deviled Eggs recipe, which seemed like a good one to follow. I didn’t follow it strictly, naturally, because I am a person with a limited attention span and mild aversion to shallots. I’d eat them if I had to, but if it means getting dressed and heading to the supermarket, then that would defeat the purpose of Stupidly Simple Snack-ing and that just wouldn’t do. amy • december 5, 2010

Follow my MASTER GUIDE TO DEVILED EGGS on my other favorite website, which is Foodspotting, of course.


SERVES 3 to 4

6 eggs
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons yellow mustard
2 teaspoons aged white wine vinegar
hot sauce
salt & pepper
1 tsp baking soda

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December 5, 2010. Hungry Nation, recipe, videos, YouTube.


  1. Emily replied:

    I love you! And it may be your lucky day. I can help you with making the filling pretty.

    Scrape the filling into a large ziplock bag. Before you seal the bag, lay it on the table and make sure to squeeze the filling into one bottom corner of the bag.

    Smooth the air out and seal the bag. Twist the top so that it looks like a pastry bag. Then, using kitchen scissors (or a clean pair of regular scissors), snip the corner of the bag off and pipe into your eggs.

    Eh, voila. Pretty deviled eggs.

  2. liz replied:

    you could use a piping bag to refill the eggs =D

  3. Will replied:

    Hiya Amy!

    You just followed me back on Foodspotting – discovered your blog and YouTube channel through it – your videos rock!

    Anyway, gonna watch your entire video series. You’ve got yourself a new fan 🙂



    • Amy replied:

      Hey Will, thanks for stopping by and leaving your super nice comment 🙂 Happy holidays!

  4. Will replied:

    lol I watched your videos and noticed this – your enunciation is impeccable – kinda rare – especially in Toronto. Rock on!

    • Amy replied:

      haha, but I’m from New York…

  5. brian replied:

    quite possibly the best sss video. thanks amy.

  6. Jurrien Swarts replied:

    Hi Amy! Jurrien from Holton Farms. We love your how-to videos!! Deviled Eggs are my favorite hors d’oeuvres too! I have never tried to blow an egg from its shell, but I have made many batches of deviled eggs for family gatherings. Best way to get the filling back into the egg? Take a plastic sandwich bag, make a 1/4″ hole in one corner, use as a frosting/decorating bag. It works really well, is fast, simple and cheap. For added kick, I garnish a portion of each batch with minced jalapenos or sriracha sauce drops.

  7. Patty replied:

    You are so wonderful to watch. Your deviled eggs video is the only one I have seen, but I will look at more after I email you this. I am in Texas. Where are you? Thanks for posting it ,,,that is thanks for aol. for having a link to it. Keep making videos. You have great charm! If you celebrate Easter, have a Happy and Blessed Easter.
    Thanks, again.

  8. Amy replied:

    Patty, thank you for watching and for your kind words!

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