Danny Macaroons • TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT

Danny MacaroonsI’M A LITTLE SKEPTICAL ABOUT MACAROONS and I think I’ve tried enough of the coconut-based sweets to decide that cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, pudding, pie, French macarons, and just about every other incarnation of sugar seems to have macaroons beat in the Desirable Dessert category. So when Dan Cohen, owner of Danny Macaroons, asked if I’d sample his macaroons for review, I had to be honest: I’m not crazy about coconut.

Dan wrote back with a gracious reply to say I was just one of many who have resisted his mighty macaroons and, indeed, he’d already converted a few. Since I had nothing to lose – except that last small shred of respect for coconut – I figured I’d give Danny Macaroons a go.

As much as I love to be right, it’s almost nice to be wrong when food prejudices are in play. Danny Macaroons won’t have me running away from croissants or ice cream anytime soon, but if biting into a moist and chewy shredded coconut cluster made with condensed milk and salted caramel isn’t enough to change the hearts of the macaroon-adverse, then nothing ever will. amy • september 13, 2010

Danny Macaroons order online / facebook / twitter (@dannymacaroons)


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  1. Esther "Sweet Potato" replied:

    i love your blog, amy!!
    your stupidly simple snack videos are so fun to watch 🙂 you are the cutest, ever!! 😀
    keep up the awesome blog~!! ^^

  2. Amy replied:

    Hi, Esther! You are a sweet potato indeed! Thank you for stopping by & leaving a comment. Sending you a big hug x

  3. Layne replied:

    You had me at salted caramel.
    I love having my food prejudices blown to bits, too!

    • Amy replied:

      Layne – Truth. Nothing beats a pleasant surprise!

  4. Arie Rich replied:

    I love macaroons!! I love coconuts period. I might have to try Dannys, I’ve never had them with caramel on top, only chocolate.

    Arie Rich

  5. Tatiana @ Maddie's Adventures replied:

    To eat – definitely, but I do love coconut!

    — Tatiana

  6. Eleanor replied:

    I’ve tried Danny’s Macaroons in NY and WOW! They are seriously delicious. My favorite are the salted caramel, but the chocolate are delish as well. Highly recommended!

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