ONCE, IN MARCH, I DEEP FRIED SWEET POTATO FRIES WITH THIERRY PEPIN. If you have no idea what a thierry pepin is, that is okay. I had no idea what I was in for either.

Earlier this year, my food/social media friend Aaron Ginsberg approached me to make a snack video with one of his clients, T Poutine, on the Lower East Side. I was flattered that the restaurant wanted to get in on the Stupidly Simple Snacks action, so, of course, I said yes. Ironically, I asked him “Do you have a charismatic employee who’d like to be on camera?”

The T Poutine team and I decided to make a French-Canadian dessert that they called The Canuck, which was sweet potato fries tossed with Asian Five Spice, cinnamon, sugar, and maple syrup. They had a deep fryer, so it was stupidly simple enough to throw frozen fries in a vat of boiling oil there. However, to make it feasible for the casual sweet potato fry eater, baking would be the better – plus, an equally tasty and arguably healthier – option.

I kept the video under wraps after I learned T Poutine closed, but it was a matter of time before sweet potato fries starred in an episode. Naturally, I had to include footage of Thierry, who turned out to be the owner of T Poutine and an underwear model. You may recognize him from the Ralph Lauren Romance commercial too. Confirm below. amy august 11, 2010


4 sweet potatoes
2-4 tablespoons olive oil
pinch of salt
pepper to taste
ground cumin

sweet potato fries
Asian Five Spice
cinnamon sugar
maple syrup

MUSIC Kelly Harper Till This Goes Away website / myspace / facebook

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  1. Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) replied:

    Sweet potato fries and underwear models…two of my very favorite things 🙂

    This snack looks delicious!

  2. Desmond replied:

    Hi Amy! I was just wondering what temperature you put the sweet potato fries into your oven at?

    Thanks 😀 I’m excited to try them!

  3. Amy replied:

    aw, thank you Megan!

    Hey Desmond! 450 F. I swear I put the text in the video 22 seconds in 🙂

  4. Katie @ The Social Secretary replied:

    Amy I love sweet potato fries! Had them last night. Delish and such a good snack.
    I’m so glad you liked my blog post! I’ll for sure let you know the next time I’m in your neck of the woods (chocolate chip cookies are my fave!).

  5. Scootabaker replied:

    random side note: i toss my tater tots in paprika too!

  6. kate replied:

    Yum! Those fries look amazing. I’ll have to cook some up next time I’m craving a salty snack.

  7. Julie replied:

    you look like you’re 10!!

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