STUPIDLY SIMPLE SNACKS IS BACK! After a two-month unintended hiatus from video awesomeness, I’m excited to say that Stupidly Simple Snacks will soon be a weekly feature of Amy Blogs Chow and on Hungry Nation, a network of web-based food shows created by Next New Networks, the leading independent producer of online television networks.

I can’t tell you what makes NNN the leading indie producer of online TV networks (it’s the only one I know, quite frankly) but I am pumped to join the ranks of Hungry Nation veterans and fellow food lovers Dan of VendrTV and Rebecca of Working Class Foodies! Also joining the network is Food Wishes, which is like the godfather of online cooking shows. Chef John is a pretty big deal in the food blogging world.

Stupidly Simple Snacks will launch on Hungry Nation at the end of July, so I’ll be making many more videos going forward. I already have some super silly stuff lined up, including a ceviche video I made with Jenna Meister, my BFF and cast member of Jet Set Zero: Quito, while I was in Ecuador last month. It’s going to be great! Now, without further ado, I present my first video from Quito, Ecuador – Stupidly Simple Snacks: Guacamole! amy july 13, 2010

WHAT YOU NEED 2 avocados | 1 tomato | 1 lemon | half onion | salt & pepper


MUSIC Darwin Deez Radar Detector

July 13, 2010. Hungry Nation, news, South America, Stupidly Simple Snacks, videos.


  1. catty replied:

    mmmmmmmmmmm i love guacamole! and i also love your stupidly simple snacks 🙂 2 guacamoles? too cute!

  2. Amy replied:

    aw thanks, Catty! I love guacamole too. I didn’t have breakfast so I’m starving and am considering an avocado run…

  3. K Moran replied:

    Finally another video! We had to wait so long… As usual, awesome, fun and I love the editing. Doesn’t hurt that I’m a big fan of guacamole, either.

  4. Amy replied:

    Hi, K 🙂 thanks so much for coming back! Stupidly Simple Snacks will be a weekly feature on Amy Blogs Chow going forward. I am so flattered that you’ve missed them though! Keep in touch and let me know if there’s ever a snack you’d like to see.

  5. Gau replied:

    Wow…you are ridiculously cute!

  6. Amy replied:

    Gau – Thanks!

  7. esther (ambitious deliciousness) replied:

    I know you were in Ecuador… but how can we have guacamole without cilantro??? 🙂

  8. Amy replied:

    Esther – you’re not the first to notice cilantro is missing. I didn’t realize cilantro was so essential when I was making the video, to be honest! I guess we’ll just have to consider it a cilantro-less interpretation of guacamole 🙂 Definitely doesn’t taste the same, but it’s still guacamole.

  9. JeremyEG replied:

    Thanks Amy,
    Is there any time of day when guac isn’t appealing? Not for me. : ) I have 3 ripe ones sitting here that I bought at a farmer’s market in California. They know their avocados there! Your video is great and making me very hungry.

  10. maria replied:

    uhm!! I’m loving it!
    I will do it for sure!!

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