HOLTON FARMS • Grocery Stores Are Dead To Me

Holton Farms CSA mapOliver the doorstop in my new homeHOLTON FARMS Family-owned farm run by eighth generation farmers who offer New Yorkers produce from the source. Buy from their roving farm truck or get first pick through a customizable CSA Select program.

I moved apartments last week – with Jason and all the furniture that came with him. It’s not easy to pick up and peace out when you’re trying to relocate with a bed and KitchenAid, though. Somehow, we managed and I only threatened to break up with him once.

The new Midtown apartment has a kitchen with a window – Think: Stupidly Simple Snacks with sunlight – and twice as much space! But it doesn’t feel like home yet. Admittedly, Midtown caters to commuters, tourists, and office workers, which is as far from that traditional neighborhood feel as you can get. There are few grocery stores and the closest market isn’t affordable by any standard. Oddly enough, however, there are three 99 cent pizza places within a two-block radius. So, to counter my Midtown blues and inevitable pizza addiction, I decided to join a CSA (community supported agriculture) to support a farm and bring fresh greens to me.

•  •  •  •

I randomly spotted Holton Farms massive white farm truck vending vegetables by Union Square last week. I loved that I’d just learned about them on Twitter and there they were! Like a food truck, but with fresh produce. To my happy surprise, I came home to find an email from Holton Farms offering Amy Blogs Chow readers a 5% discount on their CSA program. Top secret code: HFAMY.

That’s the story of how I moved into a new apartment and joined a CSA. I haven’t placed my first order yet, but their FreshDirect-like online ordering screen looks pretty nifty. Now, all I have to do is learn to cook everything… amy june 1, 2010

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Photos: (counter-clockwise) Holton Farms CSA Select Drop-Off Locations / My pig and a view of the Chrysler Building from window of new apartment / a zucchini photo from Holton Farms on Facebook


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  1. Sanura replied:

    Hey, I saw their truck this pass Wednesday! The guy was really nice! I joined http://www.bedstuyfarmshare.org/, another CSA. It’s a great concept, for they even offer diary and meat.

  2. Amy replied:

    Hi, Sanura! That’s awesome to hear about Bed-Stuy Farm Share’s dairy and meat options; Holton Farm offers the same too! Definitely a plus to have options beyond fruits and veggies from a CSA, but I wonder if it’s a financially viable model. Hopefully it is because then customers can buy everything directly from the source and skip the trips to Pathmark, which seems ideal to me.

  3. Jessica Lee Binder replied:

    At least you’re across the street from Macchiato Espresso Bar. ❤ I'll be getting my first Holton Farms delivery this Sunday. See you soon!

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