Ice Macaron J' Chanceux Macaron square by Amy CaoIce Macaron Story by Amy Cao on TastingTable.com
J’ Chanceux Macaron 202a mott st, nyc, 718 916 5119

I RECENTLY BEGAN WRITING FOR TASTING TABLE, a beautifully-designed daily email that delivers the best of food and drink culture to adventurous eaters everywhere. (Free to subscribe here.) My first write-up, on ice macaron by J’Chanceux Macaron in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood, went up last week while I was traveling and eating through western New York for my next story. I suppose it’s safe to say a writer-blogger’s work is never done, but I wouldn’t wish to have it any other way.

Read my ice macaron piece on Tasting Table. You can also click on the right-hand image to enlarge. Cute, huh?

Happy Monday, Everyone! amy may 11, 2009


May 17, 2010. Tags: , , . Dessert, Nolita, Tasting Table.


  1. Brian Lew replied:

    MMM Love Macarons!

  2. gw replied:

    oh nice…its in my hood. im gonna chk it out!

  3. joy replied:

    oh yum! there’s this place Milk in LA that has macaron ice cream sandwiches and they are delish!

  4. Amy replied:

    Joy – I need to get to west coast again soon! So many great food options since I was there four years ago. (eesh. that is too long ago.)

  5. catty replied:

    Ice cream centred macarons. A girl after my own heart! YUM!

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