SHORTY AWARDS • Earning My Fruit Stripes

IT’S BEEN A GOOD MONTH despite the glum weather and slow starts to new projects. I once spent two months in a hospital bed so if there’s a prize for playing the Waiting Game, I think I’d win it. But while some parts of life have been dragging along, other bits have been speeding ahead, diving off cliffs, and plotting great adventures (like a food-fueled blogging excursion in Atlantic City) for the days ahead.

The Shorty Award finalists were determined earlier this month and, thanks to the support of my twitter-ing alma mater and freakin’ incredible Twitter friends, I made the food list. To be frank, I didn’t even think to celebrate until my favorite food blogger, Melody of Gourmet Fury, yelled in caps: CONGRATULATIONS! Melody learned of the news via Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch. Only then did I realize the value of Twitter to businesses hoping to connect with customers. Naturally, they will pay attention to a social media contest even if my friends still have no idea why I’m trying to tweet and beat Anthony Bourdain.

•  •  •  •

I nearly forgot to share the Shorty Award finalist results here after my Please Vote campaign. After talking about the “Twitter Oscars” for over a week, I was just relieved to stop harassing my friends. I doubt I will take the crown from the top five finalists, which include Food Network celebrities and last year’s winner – the encyclopedic Foodimentary with 114,150 followers – but I achieved one small feat none of the above did. I invoked the relationships I’d built with 20% of my 1,000 followers. My math skills are pitiful, but I know this much is true: Twitter allows you to connect with great people behind those thumbprint-size avatars. And when you have positive relationships with people you’ve never even met, that should count as Something Good: Achieved.

•  •  •  •

My digital media-savvy friend Bryan was appalled when I told him I didn’t have Amy Blogs Chow business cards. I haven’t needed them til now, really. Being the generous creative spirit that he is, he created a rainbow batch for me.

The Shorty Awards party will be held next Wednesday at the New York Times building. (You can still buy tickets here). One shouldn’t plan to lose. But, if I do, at least I’ll have some colorful new card sticks on which to chew. amyfebruary 23, 2010


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  1. Melody Fury replied:

    I LOVE YELLING AT YOU!! Only because I wish you were closer so I can whisper sweet nothings to you. Until then, my dear, congrats. Well deserved. You and I are going to take over from coast to coast.

  2. Kitchen Monki Dan replied:

    Congrats on making the short-y list! Great looking cards, just hope that after you win they don’t become multi-colored ticker tape confetti! Although I highly doubt people will need cards to remember you if you do 🙂 You go girl!

  3. Fried Wontons For You replied:

    Good luck at the Shorty Awards! Love the simple, clean, and colorful design of your business cards.

  4. Emily replied:

    I am so proud of you. That is all.

    (Actually, no it’s not – when you come to the housewarming Saturday, we will have a toast in your honor! Look at who you’re up against? Holy wow.) 🙂

  5. brian replied:

    🙂 congrats!

    i want a business card…

  6. Amy replied:

    I’m psyched about the Shorty Awards, but I also know I wouldn’t even be attending (and Bryan wouldn’t have been inspired to make me business cards) if you hadn’t voted like you did. Thanks so much for support, guys! I hope we can meet one day so I can hug you properly.

  7. Heather replied:

    Congrats and kudos! Adorable business cards! Yes, a busy, exciting month just happened. I’m glad it was more than snow for you.

  8. Jen replied:

    Belated Congratulations Amy!

    It makes me happy to see good people achieve big things. I think Twitter is really great for helping people find and build communities, especially for shy, awkward, office dwelling people like myself.

    Can’t wait to see what good food you find around A.C.

  9. steve replied:

    Congratulations to you!

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