Good Friends & GREEK SALAD

I RANG IN MY 21st BIRTHDAY IN ATHENS on a hospital bed. (I got in the way of a Greek driver so he fractured my pelvis with his car.) While the accident didn’t leave lasting physical complications, it left the Amy that I am today. Lying in bed for two months gives one unique perspective on what’s important and what is not. Jaywalking? Not important. But friends who use phone cards are. So, in celebration of good friends and all things Greek – especially Hellenic food – I present the latest Stupidly Simple Snack: Greek Salad.

Last month, I visited my old Boston University friend, Amy, in Philly and fell in love with her adorable kitchen in her equally quaint attic apartment. While waiting for a table to open up at the restaurant Mercato, we threw some veggies in a bowl, topped it with feta, and captured the whole thing on Amy’s MacBook Pro. What’s more, her boyfriend Greg was on hand to lend his professional acting skills to the project (You can see him next in Wall Street 2 and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Public Theater 3/23-4/25). The result is my favorite Stupidly Simple Snack to date – and it doesn’t involve sugar or look like a cupcake! amy february 18, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED tomato | cucumber | kalamata olives | feta cheese | white (or balsamic) vinegar | olive oil | salt | pepper | lemon juice (optional) | 4 minutes

MUSIC Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Zorba The Greek

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  1. brian replied:

    greek food = ❤

    you're too cute amy.

  2. Kitchen Monki Dan replied:

    lol…this music cracks me up!

  3. Scootabaker replied:

    I have a book on greece. not as cool as being hit by a real life greek taxi driver.

    why does it sound like mariachi music?

    I’m pretty hungry for a greek salad. yup. I’m pretty hungry.

  4. Scootabaker replied:

    wait. you never said taxi driver. whatever…

  5. Amy replied:

    It’s not mariachi music, silly!…but maybe it’s a Mexican remix of the theme from Zorba the Greek.

  6. catty replied:

    heheeh i LOVED this video – too cute 🙂

  7. Heather replied:

    Too funny how Greg’s catching your chopped cucumbers and lifting the black pepper top.
    Delicious dish!

  8. Scootabaker replied:

    Holy mackerel!

    I just made your Stupidly Simple Greek Salad and it rocks!
    I’m adding this to my cooking repertoire cause it’s lacking like BIG TIME.

    Thanks Amy!

    luv ya!

  9. Xavier Watson replied:

    whenever my sister makes potato salad, i always eat them in less than a minute or so he he. i just love all sorts of salad. .~`

  10. Joseph White replied:

    i like potato salad and also mixed fruit salads. they are tasty and so yummy-‘;

  11. Phoebe Clarke replied:

    i eat every kind of salad, but my favorite is of course fruit salad and chicken salad ~-:

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