HAPPY FEBRUARY! I’m not one to indulge in wistful reminiscing, but it feels like just yesterday I spent seven nights in a row catching up on four seasons of Dexter. The whole series is creepy, but the season four finale still has me feeling pretty uncomfortable thanks to an all-out creepy performance by John Lithgow. For those who’ve yet to be persuaded of the life-changing powers of Dexter, well, to each his own – I shall not preach the virtues of couch potato-ism here. Still, if you’re an aspiring fiction writer, actor, or TV watcher, you will appreciate the brilliant Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe award-winning role and an imaginative storyline that left me just a bit smarter after each episode.

In the latest Stupidly Simple Snacks video, I honor Special Agent Lundy who features prominently in season two. In one memorable episode, Agent Lundy removes his shoes and socks, dangles his feet off a Miami pier, and unpacks a cucumber cream cheese sandwich. With his toes in the water, Agent Lundy teaches his uptight underling Officer Debra Morgan to lighten up and to never forgo lunch – even in the heat of an investigation. To the uptight underling in all of us: May you never forget to take a break and eat in spite of the weight on your shoulders. amy february 1, 2010

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WHAT YOU NEED small cucumber | white bread | cream cheese | olive oil | salt | pepper | 3 minutes

MUSIC Jackson 5 I Want You Back


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  1. talida replied:

    Ah, this brings back memories. While in the middle of Season 2, I was eating cucumber sandwiches at least a couple times a week. Such an easy snack, and a good reminder to take that break!

  2. Kitchen Monki Dan replied:

    brilliant! reminds me of high tea at the Drake in Chicago. Love Dexter 🙂

  3. James replied:


  4. Leia replied:

    Must try this!

  5. JO replied:

    you cut the crust off the bread, you peel the cucumber… what you got against edge?

  6. Patrice replied:

    I went through a phase of only being willing to eat these as a kid. I see a market run in the near future to find out if I am still a fan.

  7. Amy replied:

    Jeffrey, I don’t like the outskirt of anything. I prefer centers, especially soft ones!

    Hi, Patrice! I hope you go on that market run. Did you use to make the sandwiches with olive oil? I wasn’t sure about the oil, but it does help the salt & pepper stick.

  8. A Bowl Of Mush replied:

    My favorite tea sandwich! Especially if cakes and scones are served along side it… 🙂

  9. justcooknyc replied:

    the weird thing is that i’ve never tried a cucumber sandwich before… hmmm

  10. davidfu replied:

    that was really delicious! thanks amy

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