BOOZY CARAMEL SAUCE with Kumquat Cupcakery

THOUGH WE MAY BE HALFWAY THROUGH JANUARY, I continue to wish friends a happy new year. Sometimes we need the reminder, I think, way beyond the first week. To help ease you into the next 350 days – or at least through winter – I joined forces with Keavy Landreth, the heart and brain behind Kumquat Cupcakery, in my first Stupidly Simple Snacks video of 2010! You may recall how I gushed about meeting Keavy at the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment and then, of course, there was more enamored emoting on “Kumquat Cupcake Wednesday“. We got together earlier this week to make caramel sauce with a shot (or two) of whiskey to liven cupcakes, ice cream, and tart, green apple – not the worst way to start the year. amy january 15, 2010

WHAT YOU NEED 3/4 cup heavy cream | 3 tbsp unsalted butter | 1 cup granulated sugar | 1/4 cup water | bourbon (but whiskey will do just fine if you forget to buy bourbon) | 8 minutes to cook | 2 hours to cool

OPTIONAL apples, ice cream, mini cupcakes

MUSIC Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks

January 15, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . Brooklyn, caramel, cupcakes, Greenpoint, Stupidly Simple Snacks, videos.


  1. Keavy replied:

    haha! That turned out great! Thanks again for letting me on your show….that was too much fun. ❤

  2. joy replied:

    so cute! love it. hi keavy!

  3. Melody Fury replied:

    HEART! Your video kicks ass yet again 🙂 You always do such a fantastic job. By the way, your bangs look really cute here!

  4. Scootabaker replied:

    How friggin awesomely cute are you two!?!

    Kinda bumbed you guys didn’t give me the invite, but whatever….

    You’re videos are getting better and better! And hello?! McCallan? That stuff is like way fancy! You know ya whisky!

    Luv ya!

  5. Michael replied:

    you used my birthday whisky!?

    and i didn’t even get a bite..

  6. Amy replied:

    Thanks for leaving such nice messages, guys 🙂

    Allo Melody! THANKS! I just got a trim the day before cause they were poking me in the eye.

    Heather – when you and I are in the same city (even for a day!), we will make a Stupidly Simple Snack together. Promise.

    Michael – I am sorry we used your whiskey. However, Keavy and I had a whole pot left over from filming. I bet she ate it all before you got home.

    All – sorry for the loud music. I lowered the volume a bit & hope you can hear the dialogue better now!

  7. Claudia Yuskoff replied:

    Great vid! That looks crazy good! You guys were adorable! Yah, glad you found me on Twitter. Amy we should do a vid together sometime, with a bit of editing and coordination, we could do it even if we’re in different states. That would be so awesome! : )

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