DEEP FRIED in Texan Hill Country

JASON AND I FLEW TO SAN ANTONIO on Tuesday to be with his family for the holidays. It’s Friday – Christmas Day – and I’ve survived all things fried and cheesy so far, including Texan queso at their Christmas Eve gathering and a deep-fried turkey today. The twelve-pound bird was lowered into a bubbling pot of peanut oil under the Texan sun and allowed to sit for 35 minutes. It emerged with crackly paper-thin skin and meat that dripped with juice. If I had the space and propane gas in New York City to deep-fry my own, I wouldn’t prepare turkey any other way. Not that I make turkey, but if I did I’d drop it in a vat of fat too. (Pictures below of bird before and after its oily bath.)

If you asked me in 2008 where I’d be spending my next Christmas, I would never guess it would be here. But I suppose that’s just the way life goes. Here’s to more adventures and memorable meals in the new year. Merry Christmas! amy december 25, 2009

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December 25, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , . Texas, Travel.


  1. Rob Mathews replied:

    That looks AWESOME Amy!!

  2. Amy replied:

    Thanks, Rob! How was your holiday? Have you thought more about your new food business?

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