pumpkin glob 11.1.09ON FRIDAY I ATTEMPTED to make pumpkin whoopie pies. Midway through the struggle to keep the directions straight (granulated sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, prepare wet and dry ingredients separately, then mix, but don’t overmix…) I nearly stopped to bake chewy chocolate cookies instead. I was frustrated with myself and the video game-playing boyfriend who keeps the all-purpose flour and bread flour in unlabeled clear canisters on top of each other. And the salt in the sugar bowl.

After playing out our breakup in my mind three blissful times, the dough was ready. I dropped sad globs of pumpkin mix onto the baking sheet because I did not have the foresight to own a piping bag. I also did not have Ziploc bags on hand to fashion a make-shift piping bag. Jason dragged his attention from the television long enough to yell, “It smells great!” It was then I realized I couldn’t detect the flavors from the oven. I’d finally lost my sense of smell (and soon after, taste) to my week-long battle with a worsening cold.

The pumpkin blobs came out warm and thoroughly baked. That was a relief. I even managed to stand up for myself against some suspect cream cheese frosting directions: “3 1/2 cups Confectioners Sugar, maybe more.” (No way, José.) I stopped shoveling sugar into the mix and executed a taste test, just like they do on TV.

The resulting “pies” didn’t resemble anything near edible, but Jason helped me finish them anyway. That’s what boyfriends do.

UPDATE : I never managed to bake perfect pumpkin whoopie pies in 2009. However, I did learn how to make pumpkin pie milkshakes and demonstrated my new skills on YouTube!


November 1, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Dessert.


  1. T. House replied:

    I am just about over my 1st cold in two years, so I feel for ya Amy.

    I think you should stick with the super simple snacks that quickly turned me into a BIG fan of your videos and blog. They are so much fun to watch! Your sweet, endearing personality is the key ingredient that makes them so delightfully & deliciouly intrigueing, on a nationally successful level$! I came back tonight (before passing out from my devastatingly large weekend writing work-load), for another fix of your youthful culinary mis-adventures that are actually clever-as-hell…and what captured me in your sugar-bound web laced with sticky smores & shakes in the 1st place. All that being said, and at the risk of sounding shallow, my favorite line in this latest post is the following: “After playing out our breakup in my mind three blissful times, the dough was ready.” … have a great week!

  2. Rob Blatt replied:

    Pumpkin blobs are cool. Remind me to tell you about the tile I accidentally put two sticks of butter into a recipe for pancakes.

  3. Amy replied:

    That is a lot of butter, but did it taste OK? I’d think that overdosing on butter would be delicious.

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