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equinox adTHE NEW YEAR USHERS IN a slew of resolutions, with the pledge to revamp eating habits a frequent list-topper. For advice on how to watch waistlines but still enjoy eating out, we asked three fitness instructors for their strategies as well as favorite restaurants where they put them into practice.

Steve Feinberg, the founder of Speedball Fitness, warns against speed when it comes to eating. “It’s better to eat slowly so that your stomach has time to register that it’s full.” He also suggests focusing on protein and vegetables while avoiding overly processed foods. “I am always aware of what I’m eating,” he says, but stresses that being conscious of what you eat shouldn’t translate into being anxious about what you eat.

Feinberg’s favorites include NoHo’s Quartino for its light Italian plates prepared with vegetables and seafood; the “extremely tasty” vegan fare at Pure Food and Wine in Gramercy Park; Back Forty in the East Village for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and organic beers; and Whole Foods for its variety of healthy grab-and-go snacks and meals.

Kristi Molinaro, who heads Equinox gym’s 30/60/90 high-intensity interval training class, knows that it’s a challenge to eat healthfully while keeping up a demanding schedule. “I don’t want to eat before teaching class, but when you’re teaching numerous classes a day, you end up not eating much and having things like coffee instead. When you get home, you’re ravenous so you eat all the wrong stuff.” Her solution? “Think like an athlete…you have to keep your blood sugar stable, and you need to eat a small meal every three hours,” she advises.

Some of her favorite stops include Bread on Spring Street (“the best tomato soup”), the Upper West Side’s Gennaro for its manageable portion sizes, and Woo Lae Oak, a SoHo Korean barbecue spot, where you can add sauces – and extra calories – at your discretion.

Finally, even if you’re watching your weight you can still enjoy foods that aren’t typically thought of as particularly diet-friendly. Patricia Moreno, founder of intenSati, likes vegetarian fare from her favorite restaurants Josie’s and Gobo, but she’s also able to maintain her dietary focus at Mexican restaurants like Rosa Mexicano by skipping the chips, cheese and sour cream while sticking to grilled meats and protein-laden fajitas. And she wouldn’t turn down a good T-bone either. Her secret? Share the steak and sides of grilled vegetables with dining companions.

(Eating the Pounds Away first appeared on 1/13/09. Photo by Equinox.)

September 9, 2009. Healthy, ZAGAT SURVEY.

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