BILLY’S BAKERY : All I Ever Wanted

Billy's Bakery cupcake in Madison Square ParkMe: Happy to hear the beach was everything you wanted it to be! Did you swim?

Jackie: Indeed I did and saved some clams from death!

IT’S BEEN AN AGREEABLE Labor Day weekend and it was in these 80 degree days that I got to thinking about happiness while watching a homeless guy dip his shirt in the fountain at Madison Square Park.

Saturday began with a laundry drop-off and bagel pickup – two things that reek of Domesticity, which I generally avoid, like conversation with suburbanites, make-your-own-salad bars and the Upper East Side. But I’m running out of underwear and Jason was hungry so we pursued the cleaners and Ess-a-Bagel before meeting my cousin Lily downtown.

Later, Nicole crashed our party of three with cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery. Together we looked on with our mouths full as the topless man laundered in the distance.

Sensing the irony of the situation I decided “I’m happy as a clam” out loud, prompting Jason to counter that clams probably aren’t very happy at all. There we sat on a sun-drenched bench in the middle of Manhattan contemplating the emotional state of bivalves. Then I thought, “There’s too much frosting on this cake.” So I let the excess icing melt to the ground and moved aside for a sharp-eyed pigeon who flitted over to feast on my crumbs. After all, one man’s loss…

September 7, 2009. cupcakes, Dessert, Madison Square Park, Manhattan.

One Comment

  1. Chermelle replied:

    …is another’s gain. I haven’t tried Billy’s yet, but I must now.

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