WILL WRITE FOR FOOD : Thoughts on Blogging

Peaches Signature Dish, Watermelon Salad

Chilled Watermelon Salad at PEACHES | 393 Lewis Ave, Brooklyn | 718 942 4162

I GUESS I haven’t browsed the web enough lately because I was pretty surprised to see that everyone and their mothers have a food blog. As soon as you’re swallowed by the black hole of adjectives in one, you find the same cloying descriptions regurgitated by another. It seems any chick with internet access and zeal for macro focus is suddenly a restaurant critic.

Sure, some are detailed, well-meaning reviews for a niche audience; some are hobbies. Yet others are resume add-ons for those waiting for Zagat to call. But with the likes of Yelp, anyone – including the couple sitting by your left elbow at Bianca – can post their two cents on the beef lasagna. (“It’s rich, perhaps a bit heavy on the sauce but HUGE and can easily be split between two. Get the tiramisu for dessert. The chocolate chips layered between folds of cake and cream make it hard to resist ordering another one!”)

So what to do with all this food porn? Some readers eat them up, many ignore them and yet others, like myself, prefer to side with the general consensus. Even if the systems are imperfect, there is still in strength in numbers (Yelp and Zagat Survey are generally reliable although information is always at risk of becoming outdated.)

After all’s said and done, however, it doesn’t hurt to practice culinary criticism on a public forum. It’s just me who can’t digest them all.


July 20, 2009. Blogs.


  1. Monty replied:

    So does this mean you can also cook now? Btw, do you take the pics, if so, well done you!

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