Paying in (British) Pounds


JUNE 2009 | Sticky Toffee Pudding at The Ship in Wandsworth, London

LAST MONTH I took a three week hiatus from New York City to see friends in London. As a traveler with a big appetite and limited budget, I tried to spend my British pounds on foods which I would not be able to get in the States.

These included apple cinnamon muffins from Cake Boy at Battersea Reach, London’s best coffee at Monmouth, Marks & Spencer sandwiches, golden battered fish and chips at White Horse in Fulham, traditional Sunday roast at The Weyside in Guildford, McVitie’s digestives, Wagamama, anything with custard and lots of Devon scones. Filling your stomach on a weak dollar is not the frugal foodie way but I think the pictures you gain are worth the pence.


Salmon Salad at The Weyside in Guildford, UK


Grilled Chicken Katsu Curry at Wagamama in Southbank, London


June 18, 2009. Dessert, Europe, Travel.

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