dsc052512June 11 2009 | Dessert Truck Headquarters

IN APRIL 2008, I joined a dating website to supplement my offline attempts to mend a butchered heart. I quickly learned that for every good guy out there, there are twenty indiscriminate morons who will SPAM you with the hope of soliciting a quickie. After all, “any hole’s a goal” an ex boyfriend once said in jest. With a funny quip like that negating happier memories, I quit positive thinking for a while to become the best cynic I could be. And I think I played a pretty convincing Debbie Downer until Jason came along wearing a marshmallow-pooping unicorn.

Last Thursday he asked me to meet him in Hell’s Kitchen at 7PM. I got out of the subway station at 6:58PM and sprinted to the surprise destination, which turned out to be the Dessert Truck prep kitchen where their first baking demo was taking place. We were going to learn how to make molten chocolate cake and a caramelized banana, chocolate sabayon with coffee granite dessert.

Of course, I was late. But a year seems a short time to pay when you realize you’re once again running toward something, rather than away.


June 15, 2009. Dessert.

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