The Wrong Year at Corton


CORTON 239 West Broadway, New York, 212 219 2777

Mar 30 09 | TO COMPLEMENT OUR DINNER, Clare brought two bottles from the Tribeca Grill wine collection. To her disappointment, however, she had grabbed a white from ’97 when she meant to bring one from ’99. Across the table, Jason seemed to enjoy the supposedly subpar vintage and demonstrated the love by downing a glass. But for Clare even Cryovacked cod and mini macaroons, the latter which concluded our three hour meal, were too little too late.

I reminded Clare where we were and to consider the starving kids in Africa. Finally, she got a grip. But it was I who later lost mine when Momofuku Ko came up, which naturally led to discussion of the eatery’s extremely coveted reservations. That was when Jason mentioned he can score seats there. Anytime.

On Saturday at midnight I logged into Ko’s website expecting to find the reservation grid lined with red X’s. Instead, I was greeted by four pairs of open seats. I could have reserved any of these slots but the thrill of beating the system was gone.

I wish I had known of Ko’s Kryptonite in 2008 because, as far as wine and unattainable reservations go, Clare was right.

Timing is everything and the year makes all the difference.


April 8, 2009. Manhattan, reservation required, TriBeCa, Wine.

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  1. Lilz replied:

    bright side to everything!

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